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Wellesbourne Airfield is under the threat of being closed to make way for a very large housing development.

12/12/2016: Stratford Herald - Stratford District Council takes dramatic action to stop Wellesbourne Airfield demolition

07/12/2016: Stratford-on-Avon District Council - Stratford District Council continues fight to protect businesses at Wellesbourne Airfield.

05/12/2016: Stratford Herald - Shock as Wellesbourne Airfield demolition plan is revealed.

13/07/2016: Stratford-on-Avon District Council - Stratford District Council's Core Strategy adoption helps safeguard Wellesbourne Airfield

05/04/2016: Warwick Courier - Hopes high after 'no houses' call for Wellesbourne Airfield

05/04/2016: Stratford Observer - Residents urged to have their say on future of Wellesbourne Airfield

03/04/2016: Stratford Herald - Campaign Week 10: Fly Welle.

31/03/2016: Stratford Herald - Local News Planning blueprint edges near to completion.

30/03/2016: Stratford Observer - Final consultation period for Stratford District Council’s Core Strategy modifications.

27/03/2016: Stratford Herald - Local NewsSave Wellesbourne Airfield Campaign Week 9: Businesses confident of a legal victory.

23/03/2016: Stratford Herald - Aircraft will fly from Wellesbourne for years to come say campaigners.

11/03/2016: Stratford Herald - Campaign Week 7: Heli Air.

19/01/2016: Stratford Herald - Airfield Businesses Issued With Eviction Notices.

14/01/2016: Leamington Spa Courier - Wellesbourne housing fears return amid airfield evictions.

12/01/2016: Leamington Observer: Fight Continues To Save Wellesbourne Airfield.

11/01/2016: Stratford Herald - Council Backs Airfield Businesses Hit With Eviction Notices.

06/03/2015: Stratford Herald - Show of unity to save Wellesbourne Airfield.