Following the judgement handed down today by the Courts, Wellesbourne Matters has the following statement:

It is very regrettable that the Wellesbourne based businesses have had their application for tenancies turned down by the Court. It is our view however that this does not represent the end of the process that has been running for several years now, but is just another obstacle to be overcome.

We are now in the process of exploring the various options that are open to us, but this will take some time before we have any definitive answers or plans.

In the light of the above the Wellesbourne Matters AGM will be postponed for a period of time until our options become clearer.

Duncan MacKillop
Chairman - Wellesbourne Matters


Wellesbourne Matters

Wellesbourne Airfield is under the threat of being closed to make way for a very large housing development.

Wellesbourne Airfield is under the threat of being closed to make way for a very large housing development.

You can help to prevent that from happening.

Stratford on Avon District Council has received a proposal from Gladman Developments to build 1,600 houses on the airfield. This proposal was submitted with the intention of being included in Stratford’s Core Strategy the final form of which is due to be published very shortly.

Although the Council has not voted to include the development as one of its preferred options, it is highly likely that the developers will still seek planning permission for the airfield site once the Core Strategy document has been published.

A copy of the proposal can be downloaded from

Wellesbourne West

In order to maintain Wellesbourne as an active airfield and market with the significant benefits it brings to the village and district, your help is urgently needed.

You can help us by joining the Wellesbourne Matters Association and adding your name to the significant number of people who wish to retain the current activities on the airfield.

An Association carries far greater weight with the Council and the Planning Inspectorate than would come from simply signing a petition.

You can join using the PayPal form on this page.

The minimum joining fee is only 50p, but any additional contribution you can make will help to fund the work of the Wellesbourne Matters Association.